IMIB Journal of Innovation and Management
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Aims and Scope

IMIB Journal of Innovation and Management offers a platform for interface between emerging business management problems and evolving innovative techno-management solutions. It serves as a platform for seamless integration of methodological, technological and disruptive developments, and their business applications. We publish articles which address research in technology, techniques, processes and applications in business. The journal, therefore, bridges the gap between academia and industry for cross fertilization of ideas leading to effective dissemination of developments in emerging areas.

IMIB Journal of Innovation and Management is an interdisciplinary journal in the area of business management which captures developments in technology to facilitate application in business. The journal facilitates dissemination of knowledge on shifting techno-management paradigms and maps its cascading consequences on various facets of business (Marketing, Finance, OB HR, Operations, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, etc.). We encourage research that investigates the impact of innovations on various stakeholders such as customers, vendors, partners, etc. In pursuit of this endeavor, we publish scholarly research as well as practice papers offering unique insights.




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