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Manit Mishra

First Published 1 Dec 2022.
Article Information Volume 1, Issue 1 January 2023

International Management Institute (IMI) Bhubaneswar is privileged to launch its journal: the IMIB Journal of Innovation and Management (JIM). It is indeed a proud moment not just for members of the editorial board, or for members of the IMI family but for the entire academic fraternity. The first volume first issue of JIM would see daylight with seven articles on a wide range of topics related to innovation and management. The content of the articles elucidates our thrust on offering a platform for studies related to innovation in the context of management.

The first article entitled ‘Qualitative Innovation in the Light of the Normative: A Minimal Approach to Promoting and Measuring Successful Innovation in Business’ talks about the quality of innovation and how innovation should be judged based on its ability to create value and contribute towards quality of life in society. The second article entitled ‘India’s Frugal Innovations: Jugaad and Unconventional Innovation Strategies’ emphasizes upon collaborative development of affordability driven innovations to provide solutions to the problems faced by economically weaker sections of society. Both these articles reiterate the relevance of social sensitivity in any innovative endeavour. The third article entitled ‘Review of Adoption Theories in Context of Blockchain’ showcases the application of emerging technology in evolving areas such as cryptocurrencies and delves into the diffusion process of this innovation.

In the fourth article of the first issue of the journal entitled ‘Funding Failure: Determinants of Persistence’, the authors discuss the aftermath of the failure to obtain financial support from crowdfunding platforms. The study explores the uncharted territory of unsuccessful funding initiatives to determine the drivers of entrepreneurial persistence. The fifth article entitled ‘The Portrayal of Social Media Marketing in the Luxury Tourism Industry: A Review of the Literature and a Preliminary Analysis’ undertakes a systematic literature review to unravel how tourism academia has assessed the topic of luxury travel. The study offers a snapshot of luxury tourism research during the period 2010–2020 and provides guideposts for future research in the domain intersecting social media vis-a-vis luxury tourism.

The sixth article entitled ‘An Empirical Study of the Movement of Sectoral Indices and Macroeconomic Variables in the Indian Stock Market’ examines the dynamic movement between the Indian stock market sectoral indices and the three macroeconomic variables of oil price, gold price, and exchange rate. The study, thereby, throws light on the association between macroeconomic indicators and market and stock market performance in post-COVID scenario. The seventh and final article entitled ‘Economic Aspect of Implementing Green HR Practices for Environmental Sustainability’ assesses the linkage between the adoption of green HR practices by organizations and its cascading effect on employee commitment towards a sustainable environment.

The manuscripts published in the first issue of JIM use various techniques to attain their respective objectives, for example, qualitative research, systematic literature review, vector auto-regression modelling and structural equation modelling. Despite this diversity in approach, the articles are inherently linked through their efforts to address myriad facets of innovation pertaining to management.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the authors on the publication of their work in JIM, and thank the reviewers for their support in improving the quality of each one of these manuscripts. We look forward to your continued patronage.


Manit Mishra


     IMIB Journal of Innovation and Management


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